The Ready Room

The officers of a fighter squadron are collectively known as "The Ready Room" based on the aircraft carrier space of the same name. Historically, pilots would report to the Ready Room so they could be prepared to man up their aircraft at a moment's notice.  The Ready Room is still used for the same purpose today but it also is the hub of all squadron activity.  If you are not actively flying, the Ready Room is where you want to be.  It is where all of your boisterous, funny as hell best friends in the world are. It is your de facto office at sea.  It is the home of the "roll 'em".  It is the center of the universe. 

The Volatus Ready Room is our wine club.  We produce limited amounts of incredible juice and becoming a member of the Ready Room is your pass to receiving each vintage and offering.  Ready Room members will receive regular shipments of the current Volatus wines and other special offers/bonuses. Ready Room options are listed below.

  • Gold - Two 6-bottle shipments twice a year (12 bottles total) with a 15% discount (Reds Only Available)

  • Platinum - Two 12-bottle shipments twice a year (24 bottles total), 25% discount on wine. 2019 we have added our 2-logo glasses per shipment with your Platinum membership! (Reds Only Available)

  • We are at capacity for our Reds Only Reserves Silver Level and it is currently unavailable.

Please click the link below to register for the Volatus Ready room.

Ready Room Wine Club Registration


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